Health, Safety, Environment & Social Responsibility Committee

Terms of Reference of Health, Safety, Environment& Social Responsibility Committee

The Health, Safety and Environment Committee has been constituted, inter alia, to monitor and ensure maintaining the highest standards of environmental, health and safety norms and compliance with applicable pollution and environmental laws at all works / factories / locations of the Company and to recommend measures, if any, for improvement in this regard.

The Committee reviews, inter alia, the Health, Safety and Environment Policy of the Company, performance on health, safety and environment matters and the procedures and controls being followed at various manufacturing facilities of the Company and compliance with the relevant statutory provisions.

  • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

    Dr Ashleys Limited remains committed to excellence through the discipline of process and continual improvement in EHS performance aimed at minimizing risks. While there is a great emphasis and considerable investment being made in improving our EHS performance, we firmly believe that the nucleus of our excellence lies in the responsible behaviour of our employees. The involvement of management and staff in the collaborative development of solutions to improve EHS performance is a key strategy for excellence. 


    All equipment and infrastructure for environmental management was in conformity with regulatory standards throughout the year.

    Occupational Health and Safety

    Our inherent belief that all workplace illnesses and injuries are preventable has been the driving force in keeping our manufacturing sites, R&D and Corporate Office safe. Numerous positive initiatives were undertaken during the year to enhance workplace safety. We remain committed to the communities we serve and amongst whom, we operate, with the desire to bring about long term well being. 



    The Board of Directors has constituted Corporate Governance Committee during the year under review.

    Terms of Reference of Corporate Governance Committee:

    1. Observance of practices of Corporate Governance at all levels and to suggest remedial measures wherever necessary.
    2. Provision of correct inputs to the media so as to preserve and protect the Company’s image and standing.
    3. Dissemination of factually correct information to the investors, institutions and public at large.
    4. Interaction with the existing and prospective FIIs and rating agencies, etc.
    5. Establishing oversight on important corporate communication on behalf of the Company with the assistance of consultants/advisors, if necessary.
    6. Ensuring institution of standardized channels of internal communications across the Company to facilitate a high level of disciplined participation.
    7. Recommendation for nomination of Directors on the Board.


    Terms of Reference of Risk Management Committee:

    • To devise policies and guidelines for identification, measurement, monitoring and control for all major risk categories.
    • To ensure that resources allocated for risk management are adequate given the size nature and volume of the business.
    • To ensure that the managers and staff, who implement, monitor and control, risk, possess sufficient knowledge and expertise.
    • To review and approve market risk limits.
    • To ensure robustness of financial models and the effectiveness of all systems used to calculate market risk.
    • To ensure robust Management information system relating to risk reporting.