Company’s Philosophy


The Management of your Company continues to strive for excellence in good governance and responsible management practices, benchmarking with best of global companies.

The Company has been practicing corporate governance principles much before it became mandatory. Your Company believes that for a company to be successful it must maintain global standards of corporate conduct towards its stakeholders. The company believes that it is rewarding to be better managed and governed and to identify its activities with national interest. To that end, your Company has always focused on good corporate governance which is the key driver of sustainable corporate growth and long term value creation.

The company views corporate governance in its widest sense almost like a trusteeship, a philosophy to be progressed, a value to be imbibed and an ideology to be ingrained into the corporate culture.

It is not merely compliance and simply a matter of creating checks and balances; it is an ongoing measure of superior delivery of company’s objectives with a view to translate opportunities into reality. It involves leveraging its resources and aligning its activities to national need, shareholders benefit and employee growth, thereby delighting all its stakeholders, while minimizing the risks. The primary objective is to create and adhere to a corporate culture of conscience and consciousness, transparency and openness, fairness, accountability, propriety, equity, sustainable value creation, ethical practices and to develop capabilities and identify opportunities that best serve the goal of value creation, thereby creating an outperforming organization.