About Dr Ashleys

Dr. Ashleys Limited was incorporated in April 2012 in Hong Kong to supply pharmaceutical products. We have business dealings with Africa, India, Korea, China, Dubai, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Spain, and Egypt.

Our reputation is based on trust, integrity, and client satisfaction. We are steeped in a culture where long-term relationships are held in the highest regard. Our trading experience gives us an enormous reservoir of expertise, knowledge, and contacts.

We understand the Customer’s expectation with regard to timely deliveries and material quality; our staffs are intensely motivated, technically qualified, and trained manpower; offer the best in services & quality. We attach great importance to fulfilling our Customer’s needs to the smallest details, to find effective solutions to their requirements with our expert knowledge and flexibility.

Our vision is to build excellence through constant innovation in all the aspects of Pharmaceutical Medical & Surgical Products . We provide you economic and high quality products and excellent service. We excel in quality and wish to continue our endeavour and serve our customers in the best possible way.


To build our relationship stronger with customers and fulfil their needs and requirements by our quality products.


Dr Ashleys Limited is driven by the desire to bring to market innovations that will significantly improve the quality of life of people.


Dr Ashleys Limited will always provide total customer satisfaction accomplish leadership in preferred markets & products worldwide, through technology.


Exceed customers’expectations by being more accurate than the specifications.