We believe in practicing, what we preach. Quality, value, and timely responses are the keys to customer satisfaction

Dr Ashleys Limited is driven by the desire to bring to market innovations that will significantly improve the quality of life of people.

Dr Ashleys Limited is committed to produce highest quality products at the lowest cost thereby allowing our customers to benefit from the value of our products and services AEPL is enthusiastic about innovation, discovery, development, and Commercialization of bulk drugs and committed for improved health care. We are striving hard to incorporate high tech technology, availing of manpower with brilliant credentials, adopting operational methodologies of proven efficacy and adhering to utmost quality norms.

Today’s state of affairs projects rising domestic demands, increased exports, and the consequent need for enhanced quality production. In accordance with their vision of “Total Health care”, the leading trading houses have persistently satiated the demand for quality drugs. Recognizing the need to assist them in providing the nation with a healthier tomorrow, we have decided to venture in to this industry.

Dr Ashleys Limited is committed to provide our customers lowest-cost, highest value products and unmatched customer service.